PLAN7 Athlete Weekly Update

Welcome to your PLAN7 Weekly Update form. Please take some time to go through the questions and answer with detail. This is always very helpful both to you as you review your week and how you're feeling. It can also help you set the intention for the coming weeks of training as well as staying focused on your target events. Your training plan is very important to us and we want to make sure we have as much information as possible to help you optimize the time you spend training as well as understand how the training is impacting you both physically and emotionally.

Name *
Date *
How is the week going so far?
Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Need to chat, have some questions about how to execute a workout, need some time on a rider with your coach, etc?
How is your current mindset during your training/performance? Content, doubtful, strong, empowered, annoyed? Why? Please share your motivation levels and how that may impact your training and/or recovery.
How would you rate your fatigue?
How is your sleep this week?
Average hours of sleep per night this week
Any injuries or illness your coach should know about? Please describe...
Any other activities you are doing this week that add to your overall fatigue? Remember that a 5-mile run, intense ski day or other cross training/weight lifting will definitely impact your regular training. If we take it into account we can keep your workout quality as high as possible. Please describe the activity, amount of time and overall intensity.
How is your nutrition and hydration? Remember, your intake should be related to your output, i.e., fuel your training appropriately and stay on top of recovery. Whenever you have questions or concerns make sure to hit up Breanne.
Any schedule changes that should be considered when writing your plan for the upcoming week? Please list any upcoming travel or changes to your normal training schedule.
Any events you have planned that are not currently on the calendar? Questions or concerns about upcoming events?