Integrated Nutrition Coaching Plan - 6-Month or 1-year Prepay

Integrated Nutrition Coaching Plan - 6-Month or 1-year Prepay

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This plan is for the athlete wanting the full package: the Premium Plan with Integrated Nutrition. You will work with your coach AND nutrition coach Breanne Nalder, both providing access to the maximum amount of experienced input and feedback. This training program is customized to meet your individualized needs, whether you are a professional athlete trying to gain that extra 1% or on an extremely time constrained schedule.

A close coach/athlete relationship will be established as we work to understand your goals, intentions and time constraints. Yes, we want to know what you need to juggle throughout the week to make sure you stay successful in all aspects of your life. Your coach will guide you through the program providing attention and feedback as the athlete learns what is expected of them, how to implement the workouts, and how to interpret the way their body responds to the training.

Training with power is the best way to make your training efficient and effective. If you don’t have a power meter, not to worry. We have the ability to determine your training zones based on power testing in our studio while measuring heart rate or testing blood lactate levels to determine Threshold Power or Heart Rate training zones. Training, power and heart rate logs are reviewed weekly.

You will start out your program with a nutrition assessment with Breanne including a Resting Metabolic Rate test so we have all the data to build a plan to help you meet your goals and train optimally.

Integrated Nutrition Plan coached athletes have communication access to their coaches via email, phone and text. Phone calls and emails will be answered within 24 hours. Text messages will be answered as soon as possible so you can carry on with your day.