Letter of Excellence: Scott McCullough's Journey

In April 2015 a really neat guy came into PLAN7 with some BIG goals and sheer determination to accomplish them. He jumped head first into a training and nutrition plan, trusting his coaches to keep him on track and for his season. It was beyond rewarding to watch him attack every day, every ride, every meal and see him get better, faster, stronger! Scott was so kind to send us this letter, and we wanted to share it as the first of many athlete highlights. We are so proud of all PLAN7 athletes and super excited to share their stories. So thanks to Scott and everyone that is a part of this special community. We consider you family :) 

Here is Scott's letter:

Dear Dave and Breanne,

I came to see you last April with one goal in mind - finish LOTOJA for my first time feeling good and strong at the end.  I had just come off knee surgery and you arranged a training and nutrition plan just for me, even taking me to the store to show me how to shop better.  I followed the nutrition and training rides almost perfectly (with a few cheeseburgers and lazy days thrown in), but with you coaching and encouragement I finished feeling great!  Thank you so much for your awesome help, i could not have done it without you guys and I would highly recommend you for anyone wanting to accomplish a life goal! (plus you are freaking nice).


Your new friend,

Scott McCullough


(see picture attached)

PS I would have worn my new PLAN 7 kit, but I didn't get it in time, darn it.


Posted on February 11, 2016 .