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Chris “Cru” Jones - Mental Coach

Chris, aka “the bike psych,” received his master’s degree from the University of Utah in Sports Psychology after completing a bachelors there in Exercise and Sport Science/minor in Nutrition. Chris focused his master’s degree studies on mental tips and training to benefit cyclists but has also worked with other performers and athletes in skiing, figure skating, dance, football, basketball, running and more. Chris works as a Sport Psychology Consultant for HeadStrong Consulting under Dr. Nicole Detling, one of the premier Sport Psychology Consultants in the world.  

Chris’ professional career has been in the cycling and running industries, working with multiple professional teams and athletes in team management and sports marketing roles. This experience has given him a unique look into athletic performance across multiple levels. Chris races as an amateur in mountain biking, cyclocross, road racing as well as running. Are you mentally tough when on the rivet? Focus on the right things in crunch time? Anxiety pre-race prevent you from preparing? Hesitant after returning from a crash or injury?

When your training is solid, your equipment competitive and nutrition consistent, the only difference between you and the rest of the field is the 6 inches between your ears. Chris has created the Plan7 program around multiple techniques to help you become mentally strong and focused to allow you to perform at your best. First overview session is free so contact Plan7 to schedule yours.  



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Individual Sessions: 75$ per hour/session

Group Seminars: 75$ per hour/session